North Cyprus

Northern Cyprus is a paradise in many respects. The country not only impresses with more than 200 days of sunshine, but also with an up-and-coming economy and diverse opportunities.

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XO-SHARES are a new and unique way of adapting investments to the current market situation and generating an attractive return!

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With partners who have been in the market for many decades, we not only create reliable values, but also have the means to establish contacts and overcome barriers.

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In focus: First international tourism forum in Northern Cyprus


The north of Cyprus is not only crypto-friendly, but also offers opportunities not available anywhere else. Be one of the first investors to have the opportunity to participate in this emerging market and invest in reliable assets.

Work with the BEST

Over the years, XO Owners Club has continued to expand its real estate portfolio and gain the trust of its clients not only in Northern Cyprus but also abroad by presenting them with new modern ideas.

It all started with the idea of bringing together a few trusted friends and business partners to realize a single real estate project. To date, it has evolved into XOC Consultancy Ltd. which works with the best real estate developers in North Cyprus and has not only gained an immense reputation but is also considered one of the most innovative and flexible companies in this segment

Listen to FORBES

In its February issue, FORBES mentioned North Cyprus as one of the best beach buys in year 2021:

Northern Cyprus, located in the Mediterranean Sea between Europe and Turkey, is not at the top of most on most Americans' bucket list, but this former British colony has much to offer. to offer. This is the best of the Mediterranean at a fraction of the cost of Mediterranean life costs elsewhere. Northern Cyprus is also a safe, welcoming destination with a developed tourism infrastructure, including clubs, casinos and luxury luxury hotels, all of which are more affordable than their counterparts in France or Italy. [...]

So don't just listen to what we say or what numerous customers or developers say. developers say. Read the FORBES article for yourself and see what an independent independent magazine has to say about Northern Cyprus.

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